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Although I do like a 30-minute blast on my running machine, I walk x 3 minutes 4 MPH and then run x 4 minutes 6 MPH, so I am definitely not a runner. When asked by a client to focus on Pilates for Runners I turned to my trusted Future Fit Pilates Facebook group and received an abundance of great advice to pass on. Including feedback from one gentleman who over 55 years has run over 40,000 recorded miles!
You can be a new runner, experienced runner or dusting off your running trainers due to this being your form of “daily exercise” whatever you class yourself as the following tips will be relevant to your all (subject to individual health and body concerns).

Exercises to improve performance and prevent injury include the: “Dart” swan dive with arms at the side, “Spine Stretch” with legs out in front to ensure you get a hamstring stretch, “Shoulder Bridge” leg to table top extensions for glute strength, the “One Leg Circle” for hip opening, “Lateral Hip opener”, and the “Roll down” for general tightness of the lower back.

DART – Lay on your stomach (prone) neutral spine.
Legs together
Arms along your side.
TVA engaged
Exhale to lengthen and lift chest, arms and legs
Hold for 8 counts
Exhale to lower the body
Repeat 4-6 times

SPINE STRETCH – Shoulders stabiliser and TVA engaged, Inhale.
Exhale allowing the chin to drop, keep exhaling and roll down through the neck articulating the spine forward sliding hands along the floor.
Inhale at the bottom
Exhale come back to the start position.
Repeat 5 times

SHOULDER BRIDGE & One Leg Circle, visit the evolution34 exercise videos

The main injuries to try to prevent are: sciatica, piriformis syndrome, IT band syndrome, hamstring pain, shin splints, calf strain and achilles problems…wow a lot to prevent!
Always stretch your quadriceps (quads) and calfs.

For those of you who like a book there is “Pilates for Runners” by Harri Angell.

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