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Take control of your food intolerance(s)

Take control of your food intolerance(s)

Discover your unique trigger foods and take control of your food intolerance, with a Food Intolerance Test.  I approached Brunel Health after looking into other laboratories and decided they are the most through and my clients trust my judgement.  

The test looks at 134 foods and drinks, divided into 10 categories: Grains & Staples – Dairy & Eggs – Fruits – Vegetables – Herbs, Spices & Oils – Meat & Seafood – Nuts, Seeds & Beans – Drinks – Protein Supplements and Others.

The test kit includes everything you need to take a finger prick blood sample.  Simply prick your finger and use the pre-paid envelope to return your sample to the laboratory.  

I will confirm when the laboratory has received your sample and call you the day, within 3 working days I will receive your 12-page report ready to guide you through the results.

IBS & Bloating

IBS & Bloating

Pain, excess wind (that is often embarrassing), being 5 inches extra round the waist than you were an hour ago, not being able to go to the toilet regularly and being constipated are all uncomfortable feelings and experiences. Being told you have IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and often “you may have to live with this” isn’t helpful and leaves you feeling lost with no hope.

Skin Problems

Skin Problems

Eczema and other skin problems can make you feel embarrassed, with people asking, “why are you always scratching?”, and you notice people focusing on your skin not the conversation you are having. If you have not yet discovered a cause this could be food intolerances. Skin in problems could be due to a food you ate earlier in the week or have just eaten.



Fatigue coming from know where and you don’t feel ill i.e. you don’t have a cold or flu causing you to feel this way can be worrying and annoying and having people ask “why are you being so lazy?”, unexplained fatigue maybe down to a food(s) you are eating, having a food intolerance test may be your key to having the energy you used to have.

Joint Pain

Joint Pain

Stiff and painful joints when you are young is concerning and when you are older being told you have arthritis or “you’re just getting old” is annoying. What’s causing the inflammation, leading to stiffness and pain could be what you’re eating. I work with my clients, if appropriate with an anti-inflammatory meal plan but there could also be intolerances you are not aware of.

Headaches & Migraines

Headaches & Migraines

Having a headache that sits on the front of the head can be draining and leaving you with low or no energy, influencing your working day and home life. Migraines can be debilitating leading to you having time off work, cancelling plans and you feel you have unanswered questions as to why you are in such pain. Is what you are eating possibly the issues?

Thyroid Conditions

Thyroid Conditions

Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) occurs when there is too much thyroid hormone in the body. An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism) gland doesn’t produce enough hormones. There may be a link between thyroid disorders and troublesome gut symptoms, making a food intolerance test a possible solution in discovering the cause to some of the issues you experience, fatigue, anxiety, and weight gain.

Holding your hand…next steps 

Holding your hand…next steps 

Identified intolerance(s) = welcome to discovering you and a road to recovery 

Your results can show different levels of reaction on a scale from 1 to 5 and the time you should eliminate foods from your diet will change in accordance with this. I will guide you through the results and will help to remove your problems foods and advise of any suitable alternatives, answer any questions of concern you may have and where appropriate advice on meal planning.

Negative result = no food intolerance

If you are one of the lucky ones your test will be negative i.e., you have no intolerances, and we will work together to discover my you are not metabolising your food or the way you are eating is causing you pain and discomfort.  And Brunel Health refund your money, although this discovery is a positive result this is their procedure.

My story 

My story 

“Being 19 years old and having my life back and being in control was so good, I had constant thrush being in a relationship with my now husband of 29 years was embarrassing, and not being able to complete a gym class as I was in so much pain drove me tears, I was so unhappy and the NHS had supported me from the age of 4 with “grumbling appendicitis” then 12 years plus this was “IBS” at 16 years “gynaecological issues” and all along it was a severe wheat intolerance”, I am fully in control and infinitely happy”

If having a simple inexpensive food intolerance test could solve the pain and problems, you are experiencing just think what you could be doing and not putting up with symptoms you don’t need to have…bringing joy and happiness back to your life and those around you!

I’m based in Chesterfield you can book an appointment to see me at Tapton Park Innovation Centre, or online via Zoom and the test will be sent directly to your home, my clients are from all over the UK, Ireland and further.

What my clients say

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for your support in resolving my food intolerance issues. I have worked with a nutritionist previously and found all the advice a bit confusing and contradictory. My experience with you was entirely different – you explained everything in a simple and matter-of-fact way, which was easy to follow and more importantly, easy to implement.

My food intolerance test showed I was sensitive to a few ingredients and unfortunately the main ones are my go-to “treats!”. No wine, no crisps and no chocolate was a seriously gloomy future! With your help and guidance, I have adapted my lifestyle and with your suggestions found my “treats” made without the stuff I am intolerant to! Result and relief. Very happy!

So, thank you for your realistic down-to-earth approach. Your expertise in creating heathy meal plans that work for my lifestyle and for my health have really made a difference. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone who is suffering with their digestion or their joint mobility and flexibility.

Thank you! Best wishes

Paulene Chalmers

Few know that I have a family history of digestive issues.  My Grandfather died of bowel cancer (which is hereditary) and my father has Crohn’s disease (also hereditary).

This has always left me with some paranoia when it comes to digestion.  I heard about evolution34 and their intolerance test.  I took the test and was fascinated by the results, and particularly my inaccurate pre perceived intolerances.

It was quick and painless with all instructions and consultations highly organised.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this process to anyone if they have concerns or simply wish to explore how food is reacting with your body.

Thank you, Sarah-Jane, for putting my mind at ease


I spoke to Sarah-Jane about the nutrition work she is doing and was intrigued about what Macros, Micros where, as a nurse thought I knew a bit about nutrition …. how wrong was I?!

When I first enquired, I was worried about the money side and was reluctant to prioritise this money on myself however after some thought and even more weight yoyoing I just thought “why not!”.

I knew for me to be a positive role model for my near teenage daughters and adult son my health and well-being was important, and this conclusion had taken me many years to realise.

I had been wary due to home being a building site however I was still able to make the changes needed and since starting this journey, I have stopped hiccupping and coughing in the mornings, I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure is now within normal limits, and I have lost 2 inches from around my middle.

I would recommend a chat if nothing more, Sarah-Jane is the most passionate, motivational, and knowledgeable woman I have met for a while and I plan to continue working with her whilst making the changes I and now subsequently my family have made.

Thank you, Sarah-Jane.

Cathy Cutts

I am so pleased I have found Sarah-Jane to have her looking after my health.

I have had a problem with food for years, including allergies, and my eating habits had got very samey, and not eating a great deal in general, so I needed to get a good eating plan, and introduce vitamins and minerals that were currently non-existent, into my body. I was feeling sick, dizzy and tired. I was eating snacks and one meal a day. I also had joint and general pain issues, some of the food I was eating exacerbated these problems, but having identified these, I was able to make that change.

I now feel healthier, more awake, less dizzy and able to exercise for longer. I will now always have this information but will keep meeting just to keep on the right track. I would highly recommend Sarah-Jane to anyone, she is easy to speak to, knows her stuff and has changed my life, I wish I had found her years ago.


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