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You may be new to Pilates and want to learn with my undivided attention.

You may not want to join a group or are lacking a little confidence to join a small group at this moment in time.

You may have been seeing a Physiotherapist or Chiropractor and got to the point where you are “fixed” and then don’t know how to make the long-term transformation that you need, to save you time, money, energy and not feeling helpless again.  You may have had an injury and been prescribed Pilates by a health care professional and a personal bespoke plan is what you need rather than a beginner or mixed ability class.

You want to make transformational long term, 10 year plus changes not short term 6 to 12- month solutions.

Having identified your needs, goals and dreams, I will work with you on a bespoke programme and get you started on your Pilates journey.  You’ll learn the principals of Pilates and progress in the exercises by listening to your body and getting to know the exercises.

You will start to think about me as you go about your day to day activities and how you are holding yourself “your posture”.  We will have regular reviews and great conversations and evaluate your goals and dreams.

Joseph Pilates said, “In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 you’ll see the difference, and in 30 classes you’ll have a whole new body”. Results will vary as we are all individual but with a consistent Pilates practice you will see and feel a difference.

You’ll become confident, change your appearance by standing taller and move with grace, with your friends and family asking you what your new secret is? and you’ll be able to share your secret with them.

Bespoke just for you

Bespoke just for you

Having identified your goals and dreams I will work with you on your bespoke programme, we’ll get you started on your Pilates journey, you’ll learn the principals of Pilates and progress by listening to your body and getting to know the exercises.

At a time that suits you

At a time that suits you

Your sessions will be planned and scheduled with you in mind and what works best for you, be this the time of day; morning, noon or night, and the best day(s) of the week to fit round your life, family and friend commitments.

I can come to you

I can come to you

Your sessions can take place online in the comfort of your own home, I can come to your home or other chosen location, whatever makes you feel comfortable and in the right environment for you.

What my clients say

Many thanks for your support and for great presentation Sarah-Jane at our annual Train to Safety event. You provided the perfect counterbalance of workplace health and well-being initiatives to the safety orientated presentations. I nervously attended one of your open Pilates sessions and immediately realised that the programme would be the answer to my problem. Since then I have attended regularly and all I can say is, I feel about 10 years younger. It dawned on me that all workplaces with our ageing workforce and extended retirement threshold, should have in place a program like this on offer for all their workforce. So, thanks not only for providing some great ideas to the other attendees to our CPD event, but also to the additional 10 years of mobility and fitness you have provided me with.

Peter Minto, Principal at Train to Safety Ltd

Thanks so much, I have never done anything like this before and always wanted to try it. Thanks for explaining things to me so I could understand them and already I think I am seeing the difference

Scott @Web & Go

Working in IT can be a sedentary occupation and it was clear that sitting still was not helping my general mobility. Having suffered from back problems for 20 years, addressing this occupational hazard via exercise was going to be an issue.

Sarah Jane from Evolution34 sent a schedule of Pilates exercises and after running these past my physiotherapist for a medical opinion I embarked on a beginners 1-2-1 session. I can say, having successfully completed 6 sessions, that I can now bend further than my waist and already feel far more flexible which has had a positive effect on my lower back and neck.

I have booked on for a second round of sessions and look forward to maybe being able to reach my toes once more!

Marcus (Greenfrog IT)

I spent pretty much most of last year at weekly physio sessions and only since I restarted Pilates (and dropped the Physio) I have felt stronger and feel completely different in myself, even whilst out walking the dogs


Sarah-Jane is an amazing instructor with lots of passion and knowledge to support all levels and finding the zoom classes a real tonic during these uncertain times

Jo and Leigh


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