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It is well known that any business is only as good as their people, and people are often an expensive asset that needs taking care of.

You may:

  • Be embarking on a new employee wellbeing programme
  • Be aiming to have a team fundraising event and be preparing everyone to do this safely
  • Need better team relations
  • Need to reduce sickness and staff turnover as a business strategy

Within your team you will have a mix of individuals all in different places in terms of their health, fitness and wellbeing, it is never too early or late to take care of your team.

They may be physically active and fit and want to become better at their activities, wanting to lose weight, be menopausal with a multitude of symptoms, stressed or feeling overwhelmed.   They may be suffering from issues such as back problems or recovering from an injury, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia or general aches and pains, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, or poor sleep

They will all have personal aims, goals and dreams, as well as wanting to be happy, successful, productive and develop in their role with you, and likewise you want a happy, healthy and productive team.

Benefits of investing in your team:

  • The team will thank you for your investment in them
  • The team gains knowledge
  • The team are happier, healthier and more productive
  • Working towards your “People” business strategy, and personal development plans
  • Possible decrease in sickness and staff turnover saving the business time and money
  • Increased business reputation


Pilates is ideal for relieving back problems in people working at a desk, or those whose jobs requiring heavy lifting or repetitive movements, or those who are on their feet all day.
The focus is on gaining strength and mobility to carry out everyday tasks without putting stress on your joints and the rest of your body.



Nutrition and Weight Management, solving new or reoccurring problems, these can be obesity, over-weight, under-weight, not feeling healthy and happy inside and on the outside, improve overall health and wellbeing. The focus is on gaining the knowledge to make good nutritional choices and learning that making small changes can change behaviours to make life impacting positive change

Time and Location

Time and Location

The session time will work around your opening hours and shift patterns, it’s often nice to start the day with Pilates, or breakup the day and have a noon class, or after work as a wind down whenever suits. Whatever the time of day the aim is to feel energised, accomplished, and refreshed physically and mentally. The location can be online, or I can come to you

Group Team Classes

Group Team Classes

Getting team members to take a break and take part in a different type of activity with each other has its benefits, they will learn together, support each other and have fun in a new activity, gaining knowledge and feeling accomplished, or if they already have some knowledge, they can share this with others

1-2-1 Sessions

1-2-1 Sessions

There may be a specific team member who requires a bespoke programme or following a team programme would benefit from more in-depth support this may be as part of their personal development, health and wellbeing needs, or return to work after an illness, long terms sickness or injury that a healthcare practitioner is recommending Pilates or Nutrition

What my clients say

Sarah-Jane recently presented a Menopause Awareness webinar to 40 of the Banner Jones Solicitors employees. She also talked about how we can help ourselves through nutrition and exercise. It was a thoroughly enlightening talk which met with our objectives of raising awareness within the business, encouraging our employees to seek support and to help our employees feel empowered to have discussions with their colleagues and line managers. Sarah-Jane’s knowledge and passion shone through and has been a great kick-start for us. From planning through to follow-up, Sarah-Jane has been accommodating and professional. Thanks again for everything.

Lynne Pope, Marketing Manager

Many thanks for your support and for great presentation Sarah-Jane at our annual Train to Safety event. You provided the perfect counterbalance of workplace health and well-being initiatives to the safety orientated presentations. I nervously attended one of your open Pilates sessions and immediately realised that the programme would be the answer to my problem. Since then I have attended regularly and all I can say is, I feel about 10 years younger. It dawned on me that all workplaces with our ageing workforce and extended retirement threshold, should have in place a program like this on offer for all their workforce. So, thanks not only for providing some great ideas to the other attendees to our CPD event, but also to the additional 10 years of mobility and fitness you have provided me with.

Peter Minto, Principal at Train to Safety Ltd

"We first heard about evolution34 when Sarah-Jane spoke at a Chamber event locally in Rotherham. Her story resonated with what we were hoping to achieve with our team - educating them on nutrition and lifestyle as part of our health and wellbeing programme. Sarah-Jane tailored an interactive nutrition workshop to support and educate our staff and created a bespoke Menopause session for our team too.

We have found working with Sarah-Jane a pleasure - she really understands what we are trying to achieve at Mattress Online and she was warmly welcomed by our team with her approachable manner and friendly demeanour. We look forward to working with Sarah-Jane and evolution34 again.”

Sharon Robson – Mattress Online

Thank you so much Sarah-Jane.  This has been very inspiring as well as informative

Nottingham College Menopause Café Attendees

Thank you, really helpful with lots of useful tips to take forward

Nottingham College Menopause Café Attendees

A huge thank you Sarah-Jane for a really informative, enlightening and fun session

Nottingham College Menopause Café Attendees

Just wanted to email and say thank you again, we had some good feedback from yesterday, a few people requested your slides and many of the ladies in the office have mentioned they have spotted some of the men who attended checking their food labels during lunch time! Hopefully, they picked something up to take away with them.

Thank you again for visiting us.

Leah Goodwin – DSF Refractories & Minerals Ltd


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