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I help my clients to achieve their health, fitness and well-being goals, and this time of year can put press on many people; when do I put up the decorations, everyone else seems so prepared, it’s too early for thinking about Christmas but I’ve got no presents and time is running out. 

Never mind how much is the food shop going to be, who’s coming over, what can, or can’t they eat, or what shall I take as my contribution to the dinner table? Arghhh.

My Christmas day meal plans are designed to start and end the day with nutritional balanced foods, each comes with a shopping list prepared for you and easy to follow recipes helping you to stay calm and look like the kitchen rock star you are!  Plus, storage notes so nothing is wasted.

Each meal plan has a drink, appetizer, main dish, 2 side dishes and a dessert, designed to be easy to stick too if it’s important to you to not over-eat at this time of the year and heading into 2024 feeling bloating, sluggish, and not energised.

One of my top 10 nutrition tips is eat a colourful plate of food and both meal plans are just that.

My Pause candle would be a prefect candle to burn at your festive table!

I hope these meal plans help you eat wonderfully festive foods, that are nutritionally balanced for your health, leaving you not bloated so you can enjoy a walk before or after dinner…getting in your fitness and fun element of the day and helping you plan so you are taking care of your well-being, limiting stress and kitchen anxiety.

Happy Christmas from Sarah-Jane xxx

Christmas Day Meal Plan

Plant-based Festive Meal Plan

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