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I work with my clients to help them to make small changes that lead to massive life-changing changes and new behaviours, resulting in saving time, money and energy on the wrong solutions for them.

I empower my clients by increasing their knowledge about their bodies and their dietary intake and needs, answering all the “why” questions, ensuring they become knowledgeable and confident to make the changes and take back control.  Resulting in them being proud of their achievements and new life, and all they want to do is pass on all of their new-found knowledge and power to anyone and everyone they meet.

I work with clients on a 1-2-1 basis, with families and small bespoke groups.

My approach and personal code of conduct as a professional practitioner:

  • Identify and meet the needs of my clients
  • Improve performance, fitness, health, and physical and mental wellbeing through programmes that are safe, effective and enjoyable
  • Create an environment in which my clients are motivated and maintain their participation, absorb new knowledge and make small changes to improve their performance, fitness, health, and physical and mental wellbeing
  • I act with integrity and respect and throughout the whole journey inspire my clients to be the best version of themselves
  • Maintain and develop my personal competence



My story...

My story...

My story of how making small changes leads to massive changes that I could only dream of

My fascination with nutrition comes from being a child suffering with constant stomach pain, being a young adult not functioning as I wanted to at work, having event clients worried about me in meetings, health care professionals did all they could even having a small exploratory operation at the age of 21.  My hairdresser recommended that I try a Nutritionist, Andy changed my life when within 2-months of analysing my food diaries, listening to me, and understanding my hectic lifestyle he told me I had a severe wheat allergy.  Within a month I felt amazing and no longer required Andy’s services.

It was over to me to learn how to take care of my body, what to eat and what not to, I lost weight because my body was getting used to the drastic changes that I was having to make but I learnt how to make small changes and how to balance my dietary intake I was in control of my body for the first time ever.

I was introduced to Pilates over 19 years ago as an exercise to complement and complete my sports training programme, which it still does today although the exercise focus is now a blend of cardiovascular and weight training and Pilates.

For me, mat Pilates was evolutionary, with practice and development I felt taller and was leaner, and less prone to injuries, that in the past, I’d had my fair share of, often keeping me out of action for 6-13 months.  Pilates resulted in me looking and feel amazing, fantastic, and awesome.

I share my passion, so you too can feel the benefits that I do, and all you need to do is look at my client’s testimonials to learn how my passion for nutrition and Pilates is benefiting them.

evolution34 - Pilates is evolutionary evolution34 - Pilates is evolutionary

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What my clients say

I was wanting to strengthen my core, I was beginning to feel a tad creaky. Just over a year on I feel stronger, I don’t ache as much so yes Pilates is achieving my aim. I also enjoy the company of the class even the weeks we did it online. One great big 👍 to Sarah-Jane for being a great teacher


Pilates is the best thing to do before work I just feel ready for the day once I’ve done the class, I feel like I’ve had a good workout and stretch and that makes me smile


I would just like to say a massive thank you for helping me on my journey to a better understanding of foods & which ones are good for me & which ones are better in general for you & your gut health.

I would personally highly recommend Sarah-Jane for her advice & knowledge of gut heath & for her one-to-one skills with giving the advice, so it didn’t feel like I was being made to go on a diet or a telling off or a lecture just recommendations to head you in the right direction.

The older you get the more important it seems to be to eat more correctly & also eat what’s right for you & your body’s needs. Sara will help you down this road with.

So, if you looking to improve your food or diet or your just your well-being in general, I can’t say enough to recommend Sarah-Jane

Paul Tilley

I highly recommend Sarah-Jane in her capacity as a Nutrition and Weight specialist. I embarked on a nutritional journey with Sarah-Jane at the start of the year and having completed it have a far greater understanding of different types of food and how to manage diet and exercise. I feel much healthier as a consequence! Thank you!

Catherine Wenborn

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