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Who is pilates for?

I work with clients of all levels of fitness, ranging in age from 11 to 80+.  Pilates can help to alleviate a multitude of injuries and chronic complaints, and particularly effective for treating back pain

Pilates is ideal for relieving back problems in people working at a desk, or those whose jobs that require heavy lifting or repetitive movements, or those who are on their feet all day, or working in strange positions like hairdressers, beauty and massage therapists.

I have clients that are looking for an exercise to look after their bodies as they are very physically active and have common issues associated with their sport; running, cycling, tennis, golf, equestrian, dancing, gymnastics, boxing and weight training, Pilates is the perfect exercise for focusing on your problem areas and strengthening the muscles and joints often overused or underused.

Pilates can be a person’s only form of exercise, helping you to gain strength and mobility to carry out everyday tasks without putting stress on your joints and the rest of your body.

“Change happens through movement and movement heals”

Joseph Pilates

Physically active and fit

Physically active and fit

Those who are already physically active and consider yourself fit will discover new and effective ways of exercising and toning your bodies. If you are used to the pumping rhythm of a high intensity fitness class or the ache in your muscles after lifting weights, you will be astonished by the gentleness of Pilates. The exercises are deceptively simple and so effective that you needn’t perform more than ten repetitions of each during a class. When your core is strong, it can help decrease back and hip pain. It reduces your risk of injury in movements such as lifting or bending down, whether performed in daily life or sports.

Back problems and injury

Back problems and injury

Those with back problems suffering in silence thinking you can live with the pain, or you have a cycle of continual appointments with a physiotherapist or chiropractor, or you may have been prescribed or advised to start Pilates following an injury. You will learn how to build up your weaker muscles while protecting the spine and relieving strain on injured areas. Pilates is self-help, taking back control of your body by increasing your mobility again, becoming flexible and stronger to support weak joints, your back and improving your posture, resulting in you returning back to the energetic and happy person you once were.

Wanting to lose weight

Wanting to lose weight

Those of you who are not confident to exercise, either from having a bad experience, or lacking in confidence, time, energy or motivation, or just don’t like exercise but may be suffering from poor health, possibly being over-weight or obese. You may be close to becoming type 2 diabetic and need to reverse this, have joint pains due to being over-weight, whatever the problems, Pilates could be your hero, you will burn an average of 175 calories in a 50-minute beginner class, and all the Pilates benefits will help you to feel confident and ready to take on new activity challenges such as your first 5k walk or run.



Those of you between the age of 35 to 55, perimenopausal, menopausal or post-menopausal, suffering with the unwanted symptoms of the menopause, night sweats, poor sleep, hot flushes, low mood, anxiety, depression, memory and concentration issues, joint pain and stiffness, headaches and palpitations. This is causing you to not be so productive and successful at work, in your interests or hobbies, you may be feeling irritable with family and friends and not feeling confident to be intimate with your partner. The number one self-help you can do to take back control is exercise, Pilates will teach you about your body. Taking time to love yourself and alleviate the symptoms.

Aches and pains

Aches and pains

Those with Arthritis will know this is an inflammatory condition of the joints which can affect the quality of life, the same with Fibromyalgia, Pilates helps to get the blood circulating through the body, this promotes less inflammation in the joints. As arthritis can lead to joints becoming weakened as well, Pilates can also help to strengthen those joints to stay mobile in your daily life. Pilates is your self-help, taking back control of your body by increasing your mobility again, becoming more flexible and stronger to support weak joints, your back and improving your posture, and you’re being back to the happy person that you were.

Any age from 11 to 80+

Any age from 11 to 80+

Those of you starting out in life, Pilates will teach you how your body works and having great posture makes you stand taller, look and feel great. If you want to follow in the footsteps of your sporting hero and improve your sporting performance read the “Physically active and fit” section. In your senior years you will know that keeping active in important. As you get older you can lose some of your balance and coordination. Pilates increases strength and flexibility, which positively affects balance. In a Pilates session you work within your body’s capabilities and progress when you feel ready to do so. Feeling fitter, healthier and happier.

Benefits of Pilates

Benefits of Pilates

Concentration, awareness of your body

Pilates requires total concentration and blocks out all other thoughts. As you breathe to enhance the effectiveness of the movements and focus on the feelings in your muscles, you will learn how your body works and what you need to do to keep yourself healthy physically both and mentally. Pilates helps you to make time for yourself.

Centring, strengthening your core

Pilates movements start from your core, the centre of your body. Every Pilates exercise is controlled by the contraction of the deep abdominal muscles, these include your transversus abdominis and the pelvic floor muscles. In Pilates. you will strengthen these muscles. Within weeks of starting you will notice that your stomach is flatter.

Control, lessen the risk of injury

Pilates movements should be executed with complete control, focusing on quality rather than quantity. Controlling the movements requires concentration while you are also focusing on good technique and body awareness. This lessens the risk of injury and assists in balancing weaker parts of the body by strengthening them.

Breathe, lateral thoracic breathing

Pilates will teach you lateral thoracic breathing, this is the way we breathe in Pilates and is very important. When doing Pilates exercises we engage the deep abdominals, making it important to focus the breathing into the rib areas, and exercises are coordinated with the breathing

Precision, precise movements

Pilates teaches you correct neutral alignment, perfectly aligning your body before starting each exercise you can then focus on individual muscle groups and work them without putting a strain on other areas. Mastering the techniques within Pilates is the key to the quality execution of the movements

Flow, movements are smooth

The fluidity of motion is something that really sets Pilates apart from other forms of exercise. There is no static, jerky, or fragmented movements. Seamless transitions thread the exercises together so that your body is constantly in motion and your muscles are constantly working, even in between the exercises.


Please read the exercise video disclaimer (more tab) before attempting this exercise alone

3min – 4 Point Swimming

4-point Swimming is an exercise for strength of the core, lumbar spine and upper back and to improve co-ordination

3min – Mobility

Mobility is warming up the major joints and muscles to be used during a Pilates class.

3min – Roll Up

The Roll Up is an exercise to articulate through the spine and strengthen the abdominals, keep your shoulders stabilised.

evolution34 - Pilates is evolutionary evolution34 - Pilates is evolutionary

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You’ll feel energised following this beginners’ 50-minute full-body workout. We’ll start with a warm-up followed by exercises working through each of the layers so that you can listen to your body and progress each exercise when you feel ready to do so, finishing with stretches

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Tuesday AM Class

  • Tuesday (12:00 pm)
  • Tapton Park Innovation Centre

You’ll feel energised following this beginners’ 50-minute full-body workout. We’ll start with a warm-up followed by exercises working through each of the layers so that you can listen to your body and progress each exercise when you feel ready to do so, and finishing with stretches. Ask questions along the way to gain confidence and accomplishment

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Tuesday PM Class

  • Tuesday (6:00 pm)
  • Whitwell Community Centre

Start your evening with this mixed ability 50-minute full-body workout, starting with an 8-minute warm-up to relax you after a busy day, followed by exercises working your core, glutes, mobility of the spine and upper body, followed by stretches to complete your Tuesday Class

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What my clients say

I started Pilates with Sarah-Jane in April 2022, I had moved from Kent and was looking for a new class, due to a hip injury sustained a few years ago. I was pleased to have found a new (and much more attentive) instructor in Sarah-Jane. I have thoroughly enjoyed attending the weekly classes and was delighted to have the opportunity to have a one-to-one with Sarah-Jane as my Birthday Gift this year. I found it very informative. It gave me a chance to ask questions about the various exercises which isn’t always easy in class. While at this session I was able to perfect Rolling Like a Ball and catching my pelvis. I had never been able (or confident enough) to attempt this during the main classes. This session also made me aware of my body positioning and consequently going forward I feel better able to perform the exercises. Thank you, Sarah-Jane”

Judith Roy – Member Bonus: Pilates 1:1

I contacted Sarah-Jane after a dreadful bout of illness that left me feeling completely drained, I had been suffering with a nasty virus which ultimately led me to have uterine prolapse. It was so upsetting- I just didn’t know what to do with myself. Sarah-Jane was so supportive, she suggested exercises that I could do at home until I was well enough to actually attend a class. I attended a 121 session to get me started and it was so helpful- it made me realise that I needed to be doing Pilates regularly. I have been attending weekly classes for over 6 months now and the difference is incredible! I thought I would have to have an operation to address the prolapse but when I finally had my hospital appointment it was confirmed that the exercises I had been doing had worked wonders and that I only needed physio! I can’t thank Sarah-Jane enough- I am so much healthier, happier and more energised, the classes are fab and I have met some lovely people! It’s been the best change lifestyle change I could have made!

Sally Hinchcliffe

"You’ve given me a love of Pilates. I’d never done it before I’d met you. I’m very grateful and think you are super fabulous. Thank you ever so much.”

Glenda Strong

I spent pretty much most of last year at weekly physio sessions and only since I restarted Pilates (and dropped the Physio) I have felt stronger and feel completely different in myself, even whilst out walking the dogs


I have multiple joint problems that cause a lot of pain at times. I was advised by the hospital physiotherapist that muscles like “movement” so I thought that Pilates would help. My range of movement has greatly improved since starting Pilates. Some areas are now pain free. If a problem does flare up I seem to recover faster too. I feel more energised after class and more positive in general as I have less pain


Working in IT can be a sedentary occupation and it was clear that sitting still was not helping my general mobility. Having suffered from back problems for 20 years, addressing this occupational hazard via exercise was going to be an issue.

Sarah Jane from Evolution34 sent a schedule of Pilates exercises and after running these past my physiotherapist for a medical opinion I embarked on a beginners 1-2-1 session. I can say, having successfully completed 6 sessions, that I can now bend further than my waist and already feel far more flexible which has had a positive effect on my lower back and neck.

I have booked on for a second round of sessions and look forward to maybe being able to reach my toes once more!

Marcus (Greenfrog IT)


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