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Achieve your Health, Fitness and Wellness Goals

Achieve your Health, Fitness and Wellness Goals

Who came up with the phase “everything in moderation!” what does this mean, not a question a statement.  My clients are confused too and as a result typically say, “I know what I need to do…but”.   I love the “but” which often comes up and I smile to myself as I know I can help them to move forward to achieve their Health, Fitness and Wellness goals.

We/you are all individuals, living our own life, with our own issues, with our own stresses and worries, with our own ambitions for yourself and those you love around you, and how many times are you told as you read something sent out to the mass market “this will work for you” …who is you? You are the only person living and breathing in your body not your partner, neighbour, best friend, and the colleague who loves to destroy your ambitions!! 

First, we discover where you are now, when you last felt awesome, fabulous, on top of the world and explore how we can get you back to that place, after identifying any food intolerances and nutrition imbalances I ignite new learnings and hear clients ask, “why did I not know this?”.  It’s not their fault all they’ve been in the past is a name and number not an individual, “put the past aside and enjoy the future” I say as I help them to help themselves integrate good new habits one small change at a time, so it lasts not just for the next few months but their future.

Health Conditions

Health Conditions

Heart Attack, Diabetes, Gestational Diabetes and High Cholesterol are all worrying health concerns not only for the person experiencing it themselves, but also their loved ones who often feel helpless. You may know crash dieting is not the answer, and you may have lost the motivation to carry out physical activity, often causing stress and anxiety, not helping you move forward.

Nigel had a heart attack and whilst in hospital I was also diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. One of the main contributions to this was his weight and diet, he said in a testimonial: “With Sarah-Janes help, in 9 months I have hit my target weight, losing nearly 6 stones, my blood pressure is in the ideal range, my cholesterol is 2.5 and my diabetes is under control, and I expect to be reclassified as pre diabetic after my next check-up”.



Peri and post-menopause are periods in life to be embraced! Sure, the thought of this can be worrying and the symptoms can get you down, be embarrassing at times, making you feel helpless, lost, and not understood. Making small changes can lead to you living your 40’s and 50’s feeling happy and continuing to live your life; making your next career move, setting up the business you have always dreamt of, feeling, and looking great…and your family and friends no longer feeling helpless and walking on eggshell around you.

Cathy wanted to be a positive role model for my near teenage daughters and adult son my health and well-being was important, she said “I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure is now within normal limits, and I have lost 2 inches from around my middle”

Special Occasion

Special Occasion

A new 14-week programme is available in 2023…What’s stopping you from Feeling and Looking Fabulous for Your Special Day? It’s important to feel confident in that photos that will provide memories for life or walking down the aisle as all eyes are on you. Getting prepared for your Wedding Day, a family member’s wedding day, a big birthday holiday, or the first day in a new job the list could go on.

And this special day can be stressful, and you want to look and feel fabulous too. Together we will: identify areas for change = get you unstuck, ignite passion and energy for change = get you moving forward, integrate education leaving you feeling accomplished = you are feeling and looking fabulous. Working together to ensure you are feeling and looking your best self.

Not feeling Fit

Not feeling Fit

From time to time, you may have a change in your life that means you can’t keep up with the level of physical activity you would like to do, and eat as healthy as you would like too, you can start to feel sluggish, lacking in energy and motivation. Getting yourself back to feeling the way you did before isn’t just about motivation, getting your nutrition right for you now will help you achieve what you want too.

Paul lives to ride his bike and was struggling with energy on a ride that used to be no problem, he said: “I would personally highly recommend Sarah-Jane for her advice & knowledge of gut health and for her one-to-one skills with giving the advice, so it didn’t feel like I was being made to go on a diet or a telling off or a lecture just recommendations to head you in the right direction.”

Not feeling Healthy

Not feeling Healthy

You may be running your own business or leading a team and the buck stops with you, and you’re not finding the time to take care of yourself; lacking in time to do the physical activity and lacking in motivation to cook and relying on ready meals, takeaways and eating out more than you would like. Taking time for yourself is important so that you have the energy to run your business, make more money, achieve the business and personal goals you have set or lead a team with confidence and the energy this takes.

Catherine is the CEO of her own business wanted to make lifestyle changes, she said: “I embarked on a nutritional journey with Sarah-Jane at the start of the year and having completed it has a far greater understanding of different types of food and how to manage diet and exercise. I feel much healthier as a consequence! Thank you!”

Not feeling Happy

Not feeling Happy

You may not be feeling happy when you eat: gurgling gut, embarrassing excess wind, bloating, not sleeping well, suspect undetected food allergies and no idea what to change. Constantly looking at social media for answers can be overwhelming and conflicting and there are endless products promising to solve your issues.

Wendy was in this exact position, she said: “I have had a problem with food for years, allergies etc, my eating habits had got very samey, I needed to get a good eating plan, and introduce vitamins and minerals that were currently non-existent, into my body. I was feeling sick, dizzy, and tired. Through analysing my food intake and lifestyle, I introduced to my diet, many foods that I needed and which I love to eat. After nine weeks I am now eating 3 meals a day, and look forward to meals, as I was just eating because I had too before.”

The 7 Essential Nutrients

The 7 Essential Nutrients


Water makes up between 50 to 75% of your body weight and helps everything to work properly! Water does come from our food but nowhere near sufficient to our requirements. A person with a sedentary/low activity level lifestyle requires 2 litres per day, so the average person plus possibly another 500ml.

Carbohydrate including Fibre

Carbohydrates are an essential nutrient whose main function is supplying the body with energy. Carbohydrates provide a steady and readily available supply of energy for the brain and the central nervous system. Carbohydrates can either be used immediately or stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen, a starch that maintains blood sugar levels.


Fats are organic compounds that are made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen atoms. Fats are essential for our body in terms of an energy source, insulation, construction, waterproofing and transportation; Vitamins A, D, E and K are only soluble in fat and can only be transported in body fat.


The basic building blocks of Protein are amino acids there are 20 different amino acids. Protein has 6 functions within the body including structural, contractile, transportation, protection, regulation, and storage a lot basically. Protein is in animal and plant foods. The average person requires 1g of protein per Kg of weight as a starting point.


Vitamins are naturally occurring chemicals and are essential to everyone, for good health and to sustain normal growth and development. Vitamins occur naturally in most of the foods we eat and quantities we need. Eating a colorful dietary intake and not relying on processed food will ensure some level of vitamin intake.


There are 7 macro (large dose), and 6 micro (small dose) minerals required as part of your daily nutrition. The role of these minerals in nutrition is vital, despite only consisting around 4% of our body weight. We can obtain minerals from foods of both plant and animal origin.

What my clients say

I’d like to express my heartfelt thanks to Sarah-Jane for her guidance and support. A few months after finding out I was pregnant I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Knowing that good control of my sugar levels would have a direct impact on my baby meant that I needed to understand exactly what I was eating and how to adjust my eating habits to ensure my blood sugars remained within target levels. Thanks to Sarah-Jane help I was known amongst the perinatal diabetic nurses for the best controlled lady under their care!

Haymen Mak Harris (and baby Benjamin)

I spoke to Sarah-Jane about the nutrition work she is doing and was intrigued about what Macros, Micros where, as a nurse thought I knew a bit about nutrition …. how wrong was I?!

When I first enquired, I was worried about the money side and was reluctant to prioritise this money on myself however after some thought and even more weight yoyoing I just thought “why not!”.

I knew for me to be a positive role model for my near teenage daughters and adult son my health and well-being was important, and this conclusion had taken me many years to realise.

I had been wary due to home being a building site however I was still able to make the changes needed and since starting this journey, I have stopped hiccupping and coughing in the mornings, I am sleeping much better, my blood pressure is now within normal limits, and I have lost 2 inches from around my middle.

I would recommend a chat if nothing more, Sarah-Jane is the most passionate, motivational, and knowledgeable woman I have met for a while and I plan to continue working with her whilst making the changes I and now subsequently my family have made.

Thank you, Sarah-Jane.

Cathy Cutts

I would just like to say a massive thank you for helping me on my journey to a better understanding of foods & which ones are good for me & which ones are better in general for you & your gut health.

I would personally highly recommend Sarah-Jane for her advice & knowledge of gut heath & for her one-to-one skills with giving the advice, so it didn’t feel like I was being made to go on a diet or a telling off or a lecture just recommendations to head you in the right direction.

The older you get the more important it seems to be to eat more correctly & also eat what’s right for you & your body’s needs. Sara will help you down this road with.

So, if you looking to improve your food or diet or your just your well-being in general, I can’t say enough to recommend Sarah-Jane

Paul Tilley

The 30-minute complimentary consultation was very informative and helpful and we now look forward to putting your advice into practice. If I know of anyone requiring nutritional help, I’ll be sure to recommend you! Thanks again, Leeven & Rebecca Fleet


Sarah Jane is totally all about supporting you to make those small changes to daily choices that over time lead to a big difference to the way you eat, what you eat and the way you understand nutrition. Sarah-Jane educates you as you go through the nutrition programme so you can learn to do it on your own. She is full of encouragement and completely non-judgemental (even when I said I regularly had two chocolate biscuits and a coffee for breakfast).

Everything is personalised to you so it's your plan and fits your lifestyle not someone else's' and it’s easy to follow because it’s tailored to you.

She's on hand for advice or support when you have wobbles and is always full of enthusiasm and smiles.

I really enjoyed working with her and I'd highly recommend Sarah-Jane for her knowledge and approach to her nutrition and weight management programmes.

Chrissie Coates

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A massive Thank You! for your support, encouragement, and experience in helping me to feel happier within my body. You have quite literally transformed my approach to the foods I eat and how I feel about myself. This was something I had thought impossible after 35 years of feeling like a failure. I started work with Sarah Jane in September 2021 on a 12-week programme to help me lose weight in preparation for a family holiday. I was absolutely thrilled with the results, although I feared that they would be short term, just like everything else I had tried in the past.

This testimonial is in recognition of the fact that, 2 years later, I have maintained my lower weight and continued with the principles Sarah Jane and I had established while working together. These two outcomes alone are huge; however, they are eclipsed by another.

The 12-week programme proved that I could change my body. Since then, I have grown in confidence and self-belief to know that I absolutely CAN manage my weight. I am so grateful for Sarah Jane’s calm and confident reassurance that I could do this.

After so many years of feeling out of control and unhappy with my body,I’m in a very different place now, and it feels amazing!

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah Jane’s services for anyone looking to change their weight or their belief in what is possible for them to achieve. You couldn’t be in better hands.

Suzanne Smith – Chronic Fatigue Specialist

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