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Pilates is such a wonderful exercise why not incorporate some into your daily routine at home just 10 to 15 minutes maintaining the good work you do in your regular class.

If you are an evolution34 member you have access to the videos and if not there are a few on YouTube Pre and Post exercise stretches A 30-minute session and a 15-minute blast

I wanted to create a plan you can use when you don’t feel the need to have me in your home, and you have the knowledge to do the exercises listening to whatever you want to and not my voice!

Below I have created a seated sequence, prone and supine, so you can just do one or all of them depending on the time you have…enjoy!

Remember before you start any exercise always find your neutral spine, don’t rush into the exercises, not being in a neutral position will cause a lack of precision and could cause injury.

The 6 set-up steps: 1) Standing Tall feet hip-width apart, 2) Shoulders up back and down, 3) Tilt the pelvis 4) Pelvic Floor engagement, 5) Transverse abdominis engagement, 6) Lateral thoracic breathing.

Warm up with the usual exercises you do in your class and remember if you are doing any more than 15-minutes pause for a sip of water, keep hydrated and enjoy your at home Pilates.

Exercises Seated:

  • Spine twist arms crossed x 4 rotations then arms out x 4 rotations not stopping at centre
  • Stretch: side bend to each side
  • Seated oblique x 6 to each side shoulders back and down
  • Stretch: side bend to each side
  • Supine Hip roll Hip roll
  • Stretch: knees to chest
  • Arms circles full ROM x 5 forward and reverse
  • Shoulder rolls x 5 in each direction
  • Elbows into your side, arms out palms facing up arms out to the side hold for 3 counts x 5
  • Stretch: side bend to each side

Exercises Mat Prone (front):

  • Dart legs lengthened arms out straight in-front chest, arms and legs lifted x 4
  • Progressing to Dart with arms and circle x 4
  • Stretch: push back onto your heals
  • Cat stretch x 6
  • Stretch: push back onto your heals
  • Glute strengthener leg to right angle then lift x 7 each side

Exercises Mat Supine (back):

Shoulder Bridge x 4 then taking the arms up and over x 4

Stretch: knees to chest

Single leg stretch come up into an abdominal curl one knee into chest (pull in with hands) opposite leg stretches out x 8 each side

Stretch: full body stretch

One leg circle lift leg up to the ceiling and circle away from the body x 5 circle then reverse and opposite leg

Stretch: full body stretch

Chest lift arms round the back not pulling on the neck lift and squeeze abdominal x 4

Progressing to Chest lift twist to the side elbows out x 4 to each side

Stretch: full body stretch

Now for some stretches hold each for a count of 15, these are maintenance stretches.

In supine:
Full body stretch – knees into chest – feet on the floor open knees – right leg up to the ceiling – curls the toes towards you

Roll over into prone:
Hands by your shoulders push up – back onto your heals and relax

Coming into a standing position:
Side bend x 2 to each side – 4 x circles in each direction and to finish shoulder rolls

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