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When I started to search for locations to run my Pilates sessions I was looking for local, convenient for my clients and a variety of locations and times to meet their needs.

Studio 44, Markham Vale…a lovely family run dance and exercise studio. The day time classes are lights on, lowfi hip hop playing in the background and lots of ab exercises. Come the evening the venue transforms into a soft lighting and relaxing music to totally chill out the clients…as well as working them hard!

The Clowne Methodist Church hall, North Road, became my second venue. The couple who run the hall care about me as their customer, the venue is warm, welcoming and has the most lovely air fresheners that send a puff of scent into the air every now and then. A very calm environment.


Soon to come…Heritage High School

I am also teaching private classes for; Nuffield in Chesterfield and the Post Office head office in Chesterfield.

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